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[[File:Bepo.jpg|thumb|Rawr!] [[File:Pecoms.jpg|thumb|More RAWR!] Just to move the discussion away from Pekoms' talk page.

So... With good Pekoms the OP universe has its 4th talking animal (if I didn't forget about any - In case I did please remind me). So we have:

  • Chopper
  • Pappagu
  • Bepo
  • Pekoms

Now we all know that Chopper ate the Hito Hito no Mi, enabling him to talk and be (more or less) human. But what about those other guys? On Drum a reindeer becoming a human (hybrid) was apparently a big deal. At Sabaody the Marines wondered a little about Bepo. But starting form FI animals that talk and behave like humans seem to be nothing special anymore.

There was a theory on Pekoms' talk page that Pekoms and Bepo might be Minkmen. I highly doubt that. After all, Bepo was at the Human Auction house and was still considered a curiosity by the Marines. I would expect them to recognize a Minkman when they see one. Besides, Minkmen seem to be a race existing only on the Grand Line. But the Heart Pirates are originally from the North Blue.

Just what do you think are they?

And am I really the only one who thinks their existance (without any explanation) makes Chopper's character background story seem shallow and banal?