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So! I read the comments on my blog about chapter 656 and there has been a lot of discussion about the source of those talking legs. I'd like to use this blog to unfold the theories and state my own opinion to it.

The Theories

  • It's Buggy!

No it isn't! And I never said that either. Size, speech pattern and behavior don't match Buggy's. He can't have grown, he's too old for that. And I doubt he changed his way of speaking THAT drastically over the past 2 years. Also his ability leaves the bigger part of his consciousness in his head. Buggy's legs don't talk.

Buggy developing an ability similar to Laws would be lame, too.

  • Law used his DF power on the guy.

Once again, when Law separates the parts of a body with his DF ability, the biggest part of that person's consciousness remains in the head piece. More precisely, the body parts retain their respective functions and therefore a pair of legs wouldn't be able to talk.

  • Doflamingo did it!

If Doflamingo cuts someone into half they are f*cking dead. That guy wouldn't be able to live if Doflamingo had cut him - unless the guy himself has an ability that would allow him to get cut into half without dying.

And I don't see any sense in using his puppet-control ability on a pair of legs on an "island" in the middle of nowhere either. Unless he's really, REALLY bored and on crack.

  • It's Vegapunk's doing.

There is no evidence for OR against that. So this island is called Punk Hazard. IF it's named after Vegapunk, why is that so? Probably it's one of his old research labs. We don't know what happened 4 years ago but the place is abandoned. And since Vegapunk has been working on the Pacifista we can assume that he is no longer on this island. So unless he dropped by for a visit or there is some sort of machine that is designed to cut living beings into parts without killing them, I highly doubt Vegapunk's direct involvement into that guy's fate.

  • Moriah makes more zombies!!!

... that would be lame, unoriginal and retarded. And I won't believe it before I see a mouth sewed between the guy's butt cheeks.

Other noteworthy (?) Stuff

What strikes me about those talking legs is the fact that he was stuck to the dragon with the cut surface. I can't help but think about some glue kind of ability.

All in all I think that of those above Vegapunk is the only solution that can be taken seriously. But I think (and hope) Oda came up with some new character who's ability caused those legs to be separated from the rest of the guy.