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Since quite a few people here do not watch the One Piece anime I thought I should give them a little taste of what they missed today.

Let's all take a moment and appreciate the following scene:

You know why. I regret nothing... (=w=)+

On a more serious note, Hody has stabbed Decken, Luffy and Bro-hoshi have finally reached Hody and are about to fight him and the 1-on-1 fights of the SH will start next week. Yesh, they do drag this arc on forever! Looks like they really try to prevent the anime from catching up any time soon. I'm pretty certain they will squeeze in some filler arc at the end of FI. Or at least something like post-Enies-Lobby.

Saturday Special

Gal just informed me there will be a special episode next Saturday. Basically it's the entire Arlong Park Arc in one Episode. It's titled Nami Special. Needless to say I'm looking forward to rip it apart and flame the hell out of it write a review on it. Stay tuned!