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Sharing B-days with the OP cast

Neowitch March 13, 2012 User blog:Neowitch

A quick blog out of mere boredom. Here is what you do:

  • Go to Yata's awesome b-day list
  • Press Ctrl + F. This opens a search bar at the top right/bottom left corner of your window (depending on your browser).
  • Type in your birthday the way it is written on the list (e.g. May 2 or December 23)
  • See what characters have the same birth date as you
  • Tell us your happiness/dismay about sharing your b-day with someone awesome/lame/nobody at all. Do you have anything in common with them apart from the birth date?
  • If you don't share b-days with anyone you can try your "wiki birthday", i.e. the day you joined this wiki.

Easy enough, innit?

I wish I shared my b-day with someone cool but Oda didn't make it happen (yet). Instead I'm stuck with Foxy's unfunny cousin. Ah, life sucks so bad... >_>

My wiki b-day ain't better. I'm sharing it with Mohji and Comil.

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