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Bored, bored, BORED! I should probably be working but eh, screw it! Time for another pointless and vague-as-heck blog! Weeeeehhh! :D

History repeats itself because people don't grow any smarter. They believe they do but somehow they do the same mistakes someone else did before just on a different level. Same for the good things. It all happened before.

So what is this blog about? Basically about things that happened "like this" before one way or the other. Events that cause you a déjà vu. Systems, similarities. Just like chapter 654 and 102 were similar, being something about currents, whales and arrivals or the process of recruiting SH members.

Far fetched example: Luffy recruited 4 people in every ocean, namely East Blue and Grand Line. And the last two to officially join are the perverts: Sanji (the lecher) and Nami (shameless slut with exhibitionistic tendencies) in the East Blue and Franky (another exhibitionist) and Brook (the panties pervert) in Paradise.

What's also similar is the order Luffy recruits them (for the first time): male, female, male, male. (the anime takes it so far that Nami appeared before the first recruitment in the East Blue just like Robin canonly appeared on the Grandline) And the last male in an ocean to be recruited wears formal clothes (Sanji and Brook)

Noticed any other pointless similarities? Share!

As the title and random Duval are supposed to suggest, this is not the most serious blog of all times. Just to avoid misunderstanding. I'm aware of the far-fetched-ness.