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I just KNOW you guys want to talk about it. ;D No use to deny it.

One Piece is definitely NOT a kid's show. And there are plenty of perverted jokes and innuendos in it. Some more obvious than others. So if you noticed anything (and I'm rather certain you did) feel free to share it. Fufufu~

Things I can spontaneously think of:

Happiness Punch

Obviously. Proving once and for all that Nami is a slut indecent woman. And it also proves that Luffy is not as indifferent to women's "standard equipment" as the rest of the show/manga wants to make us believe.

Franky joining the crew

For Franky's part I think this one sums it up rather well: Click to waste 23 seconds of your life. And Robin's persuasion technique was just naughty. xD


Panties! Nuff said.

Further in the anime his pants are open during his introduction. I just couldn't help but notice it since you see his hip bone and... checking where my hip bone is... well... it's a good thing the guy's dead. I'm strongly reminded to this one.