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Halloween is around the corner so here's a funny question for you guys:

If your favorite characters would degrade themselves to go to a Halloween party what kind of costume would they wear?

As for mine:

  • Franky would not wear a costume. He'd just adjust his body so it looks like one.
  • Shakky would be a spider lady.
  • Rayleigh would go as a priest. Because that would be awesome.
  • Ace would go as fireman. (lol)
  • Cindry would go as a zombie.
  • Perona would go as an exorcist lolita.
  • Hina would go as a mass murder with a chainsaw.
  • Law would go as a polar bear and just chill like he always does.
  • Shanks would go as 1000 beli and get wasted. (aww, that was a bad one)
  • Crocodile would stay at home, afraid that Ivankov might show up at the party.
  • Brook wouldn't wear a costume. He'd go as a skeleton. (so he'd just go naked. Yohohohoho!)
  • Pauli would wear some big plush costume so his dept-collectors won't find him.
  • Robin would wear a sexy devil outfit.
  • Boa Hancock would go in a costume made of meat in the hope that Luffy will sexually harass her by eating it.
  • Jewelry Bonney would go as a cupcake and be naked by the end of the evening because she ate her own costume.