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Quick announcement for those who haven't seen it yet. There is a new trailer of the upcoming One Piece Z Movie. Check it out:

It's super strange to hear Avril Lavigne sing in a Japanese trailer. (And doing a Nickelback cover of all things! No, no, NO!) Also, I hate to admit it, but Nami looks really cute as a child.

On a different note, you probably know this already but there will be an Episode of Luffy special. It doesn't look quite as great as the Nami special and I really don't know when they set it to happen since our heroes are seen post-ts on a pretty harmless looking island. (Fillers must die!) So expect the whole thing to be one long flashback just like the Nami episode.

I wonder, are they going to do a special on every crew member now? If so, I want my Brook special now! D:

And last but not least, did I misread? Z's Ambition Arc? Really? I mean, really, really? COME ON! I understand they need to do some fillers and can't quite fit any between Leaving FI and Arriving at PH but it's still ridiculous. :/