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Neo-sama is not amused about the lack of interesting OP related blogs lately. So while we're waiting for the next chapter to come out I shall fill the void with yet another stupid prediction/speculation/random idea blog. Yay!

In the SBS of Volume 63 Oda was asked to draw the Shichibukai as children. And one line that stuck to me was "These are the ones that were in the Shichibukai at the time before the war actually began." After the war the number of people was reduced to 4 while there should be 7.

Now, I'm pretty certain in the past 2 years they found someone new for the empty posts.

What do you think are the new Shichibukai members like? What will their animal theme be?

I believe there will be at least one character like Moriah or Teach. Some big ugly guy. "Rhino" seems kinda fitting...

And... "Mantis" sounds good to me as a name. Maybe an insect theme for a tall slender character wielding two saw blades.

Share your ideas. ;)

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