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New Comment Editor - Let's rant!

Neowitch March 24, 2012 User blog:Neowitch

Non-OP blog from lil' old me just so you have a place to dump all your "this thing is so dumb and annoying" comments instead of posting them in other people's very important and sophisticated OP-related blogs.

I think most people here will agree with me when I say the new comment editor is DUMB! It takes longer to load, it's on visual mode by default so it doesn't support the auto-correct feature of your browser (unless you have everything on source mode on default like I have) and the thing that worries me is of course the image upload feature which will probably cause quite a few needlessly uploaded images on our wiki that we so desperately try to keep tidy.

My question to our highly respected admins is: Can we turn this shit off?

Yes, this is a totally unnecessary blog but I feel so much better spreading the hate. Derp-witches gonna derp. Neo out!

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