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Neowitch August 23, 2012 User blog:Neowitch

Yeah, don't ask. Just trying to get this out of my system. I probably suck at this.

Pg. 1 [Inside the lab] – The room is shown.

  • Chopper: *picking up a few papers with a frown* This is it. I think I can use this to help the children. But it’s not complete. I wonder where he kept the-*He turns around and bumps into a chicken leg and stumbles back.*

An impressive shot in frog perspective of Monet towering over a surprised Chopper.

  • Monet: Ufufufu. What do we have here?
  • Chopper: Gah! *hides behind the desk in his usual fashion*
  • Monet: Did you think I haven’t noticed you before, Tanuki-san?
  • Chopper: *stands there and shakes* (S-she found me!)

Suddenly another paper is handed to him.

  • Chopper: Huh?
  • Monet: I believe this is what you have been looking for.

Pg. 2

  • Chopper: *looking shocked at the paper* That’s…!!! W-why would you give that to me? D-d-don’t think you can trick me!
  • Monet:*smiles* Ufufu…

[Luffy's site] Luffy is seen beating a few of Caesar's henchmen. Law, Robin and Smoker are following.

  • Law: Wait up, Straw Hat!

But Luffy already ran over a door.

  • Law: That guy...
  • Smoker: You didn't expect anything else from him did you, Trafalgar?
  • Luffy: *has stopped at a junction* Hey, Traffy! Which way?
  • Law: ... Right.
  • Robin: I have a question, Trafalgar-san! What exactly is your plan concerning this facility? What will happen in two hours?

Law is about to say something but is interrupted by a loud crash and Luffy yelling.

  • Luffy: Caesar!!!

Pg. 3

Big panel of Luffy and Chopper standing in the empty Room. Both: Eh?

Infobox reads [Corridor to the Biscuit Room] Caesar’s thugs are trying to close the door, while a few children are struggling to grab them.

  • Child: …caaaandy!
  • Thug A: I have no candy, damn br- I mean, just wait. Master will come soon and give you your candy. *closes the door* Phew!
  • Thug B: Hey, did you hear that? Someone is coming, baeh!
  • Nami: *running* This way! I bet they brought the children back to the room where we found them.
  • Brook: I’m right behind you, Nami-san!
  • Thug C: It’s the Straw Hats, bah!

Brook and Nami are seen fighting their way through some thugs already.

  • Thug B: Where do you think you’re going? *prepares to shot*
  • Thug A: Don’t let them through, beh!

The thugs charge at Brook and Nami.

Pg. 4

Nami takes out three thugs with Thundercloud Rod in a big panel.

  • Nami: Now I know the children are here!

She gets attacked by a really big Satyr but Brook has already cut him.

  • Brook: Excuse me! Yohohoho!

All guards down.

  • Nami: *snatches a key from one of the guards* Okay, now the only problem will be to get the children out of here. If they react like they did last time…
  • Brook Do not worry, Nami-san! I have an idea!

Pg. 5

The Biscuit Room is shown from the inside while Nami and Brook open the door.

  • Nami: What kind of idea?

The kids turn around to them with blank faces.

  • Brook Yohoho! Just sit back and watch! *miraculously takes out a violin and starts playing*

The children hallucinate Brook turning into a big candy and walk his way.

  • Nami: *with a happy expression* It works!

Pg. 6

Comical shot of Brook being chased by the zombie children.

  • Children: …candy!
  • Brook: Gah! They are trying to eat me!!!
  • Nami: *comically mad expression* Wasn't that part of your plan?!
  • ???: O...o-nee-san?
  • Nami: Oh, it's you!
  • Mocha: O-nee-san! *sobbing* You came back for us! I'm so sorry!!!
  • Nami: It's okay. Follow me, we will take you out of here.
  • Mocha: But o-nee-san, you have to save the others, too!
  • Nami: Others? Oh, yes, those weren't all of you. Where are rest of the children?

Pg. 7

  • Mocha: Master came and took them away to the Toy Room! He said he's going to give them "really special candy".
  • Nami: Special candy? No way! Where is this Toy Room?
  • Mocha: I don't know. I've never been there myself. But everyone says it's a really scary place!

[to be continued] - gotta work. And boy! am I out of ideas...

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