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Luffy for Yonko!

Neowitch January 5, 2012 User blog:Neowitch

Was there a blog about it already? Couldn't find one. Anyway...

I was pretty shocked when I came back from my vacation and read that Luffy decided to "kick [Big Mam's] ass" and "make Fishman Island [his] turf". It's the same as saying that he will take her place as a Yonko, which sounds totally wrong to me. Then again, I didn't believe it when someone predicted that Luffy would even consider making FI his territory.

So, yeah, how likely or unlikely is it for Luffy to become a Yonko?


  • [noise from behind]
  • Neo: What is it?
  • Random extra #1: Arlong-san is throwing a tantrum again, master.
  • Neo: *sigh* What is it this time? Did they print paparazzi photo's of Shirley's cleavage on the front page again?
  • Random extra #2: We let him read the latest OP chapter.
  • Neo: IDIOTS!

Oh, the irony...

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