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OMG, a Law blog. Run for your lives!

There have been major questions in the past about Law's motives concerning becoming a Shichibukai and getting hold of the SAD. But don't worry, I won't chew on that again. Rather than thinking about the big mysteries of this arc, I'd like to address two fairly random plot points and one not-so-random one that give me headaches.

Law likes Puzzles


He's fast but I doubt those can swim... (This file no longer exists: File:Kinemon_running.jpg)

You probably still remember how the arc started: With Luffy and gang receiving an SOS call from some of Caesar's thugs because those were being attacked by Samurai. Notable is that Caesar's men were located on the cold side of the island.

Now, given the state in which the SH found Kinemon we can assume that Law came to those guys' aid first and defeated him. But firstly, why was it necessary to cut Kinemon into so many pieces and second just how the hell did those parts end up on various parts of the island?

I can imagine Law taking Kinemon's head back to the lab (even though I don't understand to what purpose and why just the head) and cutting it into even smaller pieces to make him shut up. I can also see him leaving the torso behind because he doesn't give a damn. But just how did the legs get from the ice side to the burned side?

Did Law magically teleport them there? Did he order Caesar's men to take them there? Why did Law even bother with that? Or did the freaking Dragon just fly by and the legs caught a ride?

Law likes to screw with People


Pointless Comedy to the max... (This file no longer exists: File:Scrambled.jpg)

Another thing that bothers me is the Freaky Friday Flip, when he switched peoples' personalities. Why did he even do that? Okay, switching Smoker and Weakshigi makes them less effective in fights. But the SH weren't even fighting him. Why did he switch their personalities in the first place? To what end?

If it was to force them to find him so he could propose the alliance, screwing with their personalities and putting them in harms way in the process just to ask them for help later seems kinda unproductive to me - even for Law's social skill standards.

Law likes to play Doctor

Monet Shows Concern Over Law's Condition

Nah, he's not proposing...

And now to something more recent:

I understand why Law turned Caesar's men into centaurs and satyrs. They were sick and couldn't move their legs anymore. What I don't understand is why he had to turn Monet into a harpy. In the flashback in the recent chapter she seemed rather fine just a few months ago. And she is a freaking Logia user! Why would she need those chicken wings and legs?

It seems to me that this arc was one big "Abusing Law's DF ability just for the hell of it" kind of thing. Thoughts?