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I was thinking about necro-ing the last one but decided to make a new blog in the end... This blog, just like the last one, is about the islands in the New World. And just as with the old one you can share some speculations on what they might be.

But let me flesh out this meager remix blog with a few facts first:

Magic Compass

New World Log Pose

Three's a charm.

Ah, yeah, the mysterious three-needle-ed log pose... For those who still don't get it: There are three needles so you have somewhere to sail just in case some island decides to be a bitch about its magnetic field. Moreover, an inconsistent magnetic field means the weather on that island is probably a bitch, too, and the shit growing and living there is pretty tough in order to actually survive the whole shit. That is how the log pose knows how dangerous an island is. Bitchin innit?

Unfortunately, the bad guys on said islands are not included in that calculation. So Captain Obvious and the Law of You-can't-die-if-you're-with-the-protagonist-but-you-WILL-go-through-some-serious-shit demands that it really doesn't matter where the SH sail, it'll ALWAYS be the most dangerous island.

V1 reminder

[[File:Whole_Cake_Island.png|thumb|left|180px|I totally predicted it...]The only island that I predicted which came true was Whole Cake Island, an island (apparently) made of candy. And, while it isn't a swamp, Punk Hazard used to be covered in poisonous gas (which CC turned into a more epic version of Flubber). Hee, I'm so awesome! *jk*

Now with what we know about the log pose, I'm still holding on to my idea of a Phantom Island, i.e. an island that only appears for a short while and then vanishes for a long time. (I can see one of the needles constantly rotating and the SH spontaneously deciding to go to that island the moment the needle stands still.)

I'm pretty sure we get some old civilization kind of theme again, too. After all, we still don't know much about the Ancient Kingdom. Plus, there's still Elbaf.

And I still want my frozen jungle but probably/hopefully(?) we won't see any more ice after PH for the next 2 arcs or so; unless Law decided to invite himself to Kaido's vacation house because his own has a few problems with the ventilation.

Okay, your call! Based on what we know about the New World, what do you think will the future islands look like?