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Haters totally gonna hate.

Happy Birthday Saint Shalulia and Catarina Devon! Grab a high-and-mighty bubble! Bring the wine, cut the cheese and get that damned stripper slave's ass over here! The woman with the ugliest personality after Nami and the one with the ugliest face after Kokoro - now if that isn't a dream team! Certainly this is a day to celebrate! ... *sound of crickets* ... Okay, okay, maybe not.

So some might wonder "Neo, you've been crazy over Shalulia's birthday for the past 2 days now. What the hell is wrong with you?".

I really don't know. I simply have a certain fascination for that woman. Call me mad but I like Shalu-swan. For one thing I think she's pretty. She makes that freakish World Noble hair look kinda stylish.

For another thing she has a lot of drive for a WN. Unlike Charloss, who's just stupid, and Roswald, who seems to act out of pride rather than evilness, Shalulia is genuinely nasty and a real jerk of a woman. She shot a guy who was already half dead and when her brother got punched she decided to climb the stage and kill the reason for this, namely Keimi, personally. (So she didn't take that haki blast. So what? She's a WN, I wouldn't expect her to.)

For what the World Nobles stand for, Shalulia is the perfect speci(wo)men. I think she's awesome. And I'm going to wear that bubble for the rest of the day. THERE!