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Greetings, my fellow wikians!

I hope you all have better things to do than to read another event blog. If not, then you might like this. If you do, well, read it anyway. It might not be that bad.

Long Ring Long Land Arc

Don't forget your afros!

I hereby announce the latest screwball idea of the Evil-Logic-Ahou-Troll crew:

The Grand Editor Tournament

+insert cheap audience applause+

Basically, we're trying to get you to do what you should be doing on this wiki anyway, namely writing articles, by disguising it as a tournament and presenting it to you as something totally, epic AWESOME!!! Some might call that cheap. I call it good marketing...

This is how it works:

  • You sign in
  • You decide whether you want to make 3 episodes and 2 chapters OR 2 episodes and 3 chapters (short and long summary, character list, the usual) see poll below!
  • We announce which chapters and episodes the participants will work on (every participant has their own set of episodes and chapters to avoid edit wars)
  • You do them within a certain time
  • Rici, Panda and myself will judge who did their job the best (grammar, style, accuracy, etc.)
  • MDM will do a striptease
  • We announce the winner

As a price, I will make a drawing for the winner. The 2. and 3. place get to decide which character I will add to my ass gallery next.

... *sound of crickets* ...

Yeah, and that's about it. If anyone asks, I just did it because Rici and MDM were afraid of tomatoes getting thrown at them. >_>

You have 5 articles to edit. Would you like to have the option to choose how many of those are chapters and how many are episodes?

The poll was created at 09:12 on February 4, 2012, and so far 37 people voted.