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German Dub Part 2

Neowitch October 22, 2011 User blog:Neowitch

This is me bringing you guys more examples of the German Dub voices. Why? Because I can. So by the power of the random-random no mi I present you the following:

Sir Crocodile

Croco-boy sounds... well, different. He has a clearer voice which is a plus but I wish it was as deep than the original Japanese. In fact it could be even deeper. (<3)


Personally, I think Arlong's voice is rather fitting. I like that one better than the Japanese one. btw. Hachin's voice is just terrible. xD


I admit, I haven't watched ANY episode with that guy yet. I think I heard his voice some dozen times before he appeared, since german dub likes to recycle voice actors.

Smoker, Dragon + others

Now that is what I call a smoker voice. Ha! Smoker sounds more menacing in German imo. Still prefer his Japanese VA.

Holy crap! I didn't even remember Dragon's voice. O_o I really don't know what to make of it.

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