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Okay, I already posted a link to what the German dub sounds like but I kinda feel like blogging about it. ;)

Example No.1 Example No.2 Example No.3

Luffy: He's so annoying. xD Even though he's voiced by a guy his voice has an even higher pitch than in the original.

Nami: Nami's German dub voice is even more annoying than the Japanese one. She sounds more tomboyish in my opinion. It suits her, though.

Zoro: His voice is clearer in German but awful nonetheless. xD It's not deep enough.

Sanji: I like his voice a lot. I think it suits him better than the deep Japanese one. What I like about the German dub is how Sanji and Zoro sound so different from each other while in Japanese their voices are rather close.

Usopp: I don't know what to say about that one. Japanese is better.

Chopper: I was shocked when I heard Chopper's original voice for the first time. But since I started watching the anime in Japanese the German voice sounds just wrong, no matter how awesome I find the (first) VA. Chopper doesn't sound like Chopper if he doesn't sound cute!!! Chopper had 2 VAs in German. And the second one is just bad. >_>

Robin: I like Robin's German voice but the dub lines are not quite as cool as they are in Japanese. So while I like the voice itself better in German, the voice acting is better in Japanese.

Franky: Actually, I think it's the closest to the original voice of them all. But it's not quite as suuuper as Japanese Franky's rolled "-r-"s.

Brook: Oh, GOD! That voice just creeps me out. It's just plain AWFUL!!! I flinch every time he laughs. Brook's original VA is 1000000k times better. In fact Nagashima-san is one of the reasons I love Brook so much. I like the variety in his voice acting.

So, yeah, dub is awful but tell me your opinion on the German voices. Also I'm curious about what the other dubs sound like.