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For those of you who are not familiar with this trope:

Generation Xerox means that a character who follows into another characters footsteps will be just like his predecessor. They will act like that character, they will meet an equivalent to the people the previous character met, they will have the same kind of relationships, they might even look exactly the same.

Now we all know that Luffy is the Generation Xerox to Gold Roger. Same looks, same personality, people constantly see Roger in Luffy. However, he is also Generation Xerox to Shanks as it was him who gave Luffy the Straw Hat and inspired him. (most notable is the bar scene with Bellamy)

Shanks Convinces Mihawk to Celebrate


I found a very interesting statement on tumblr today and I thought it's worth sharing:

Luffy's relationship to Law might become the same as Shanks' relationship to Mihawk

It makes more sense the longer you think about it.

There is a certain similarity in looks and of course the quality of their relationship. They both respect each other as rivals but they aren't beyond fighting each other either.

Now this is speculation of course but, Law is a Shichibukai like Mihawk. If Luffy really intends to make Fishman Island his territory he has to become a Yonko just like Shanks.

Anyway, just thought it's worth a thought or two.