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A little comment blog on the FtDotW chapter covers. At least the ones worth mentioning.

614 - Boob grabbing baby! xD wtf? Does that have some special meaning? I mean it's all wrapped up in that cloth there was no need for Oda to bother and draw his (?) hands. And yet the baby is placing both hands on Makino's breast. Also there's a woman in the background wearing a Doskoi Panda shirt.

615 - Nice! I want to have one of those straw hats, too. Note the books with the collected news articles.

620 - How DID the girl get into the barrel? She is really cute, though. Gaimon, you lucky bastard! Then again... ah, never mind...

621 - It's Brief! xD No, wait, it isn't. Plus points for Usopp's crew for still wearing the Usopp Pirates' jolly roger. I find that rather touching.

623 - Wow, Kaya! I like her hair. Do you see the news article snippet? (Someone should tell Duval to get the hell out. xD)

626 and 627 - I love that submarine design. It's awesomely awesome! It's like: D8. As for the other ship, let's just hope Sanji NEVER ever sees it. He'll go on a killing spree!

629 - lol at Gen-san. Just lol.

630 - Wow, Ippon-Matsu is quite a fanboy for Zoro. Wait! Is... is that a bathroom? Why the hell would he hang an XXL poster of Zoro in his BATHROOM?

631 - WHOAH! Is that Shiki? I want to know!!! (If anyone tells me it's Sabo I'm gonna tear his guts out)

632 - Ahahaha, ahaha, aha... What the...? That is a rather creepy shipping. And it's canon... What the hell is Mr.9 doing with the poor baby?

635 - That guy doesn't deserve a happy ending. No he doesn't!!! Dx

636 - Lapahn!!!! xD Just why do I find this so funny?

640 - Wow... I don't know if it's just the dress that makes her look "fat" (<for one piece mellorine standards) or her new melons, either way Vivi gained weight. (Go Kohza! *cough*)

To be continued...