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Fighting Undead in the Blog Wasteland

(Overexposure? I don't know what you're talking about...)

Random stuff because I'm all out of blog ideas.


I'd like to apologize for any necroed blogs in the activity (or in other places I don't see) this morning.

Due to the recent events I went through all my old blogs and disabled the comments. But for some reason 3 of my blogs showed up on the activity page. My theory is that it happens if you either click into the editor field or select minor edits by accident. Well, whatever.

A nip in the air

I'm not going to rant about how bad blogs became again. Did that too much already. But it would appear that there was and still is a general change going on in the community ever since I joined half a year ago. Maybe it's because I'm always away. I can't really explain it either. But this place used to be livelier imo. :/ Correct me if my impression is incorrect.

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