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I should probably not speak about underwear on this wiki (with all the pervs going around) but I'll do it anyway. I'm currently planning an OP fanart. The title will be "Death by Panties" featuring Brook (for obvious reasons) and a shot of all relevant female character's lovely behinds. In panties suiting their respective style.

So, yeah, if you guys have a suggestion for me, I'm all ears.. err... eyes. (no obscene reference material, please.)

List of characters (Update 08.10.2011 10:37)

  1. Monet (not colored yet)
  2. Viola (not colored yet)
  3. Rebecca (not colored yet)
  4. Bell-mere (not colored yet)
  5. Miss Doublefinger (not colored yet)
  6. Makino
  7. Hina
  8. Conis
  9. Porche
  10. Kalifa
  11. Nico Olvia
  12. Sadi
  13. Shirahoshi
  14. Keimi
  15. Portgas D. Rouge
  16. Koala
  17. Baby 5
  18. Nico Robin (done)
  19. Hancock (done)
  20. Marguerite (done)
  21. Alvida (done)
  22. Ivankov (done)
  23. Nojiko (done)
  24. Vivi (done)
  25. Perona (done)
  26. Cindry (done)
  27. Shakky (done)
  28. Kaya (done)
  29. Mozu (done)
  30. Kiwi (done)
  31. Pandawoman (done)
  32. Miss Valentine (done)
  33. Whitey Bay (done)
  34. Domino (done; redo?)
  35. Shyarly (done; redo?)
  36. Jewelry Bonney (done; redo?)
  37. Nami (needs to be re-done)
  38. Tashigi (needs to be re-done)
  39. Laki (needs to be re-done)
  40. Shalulia (needs to be re-done)

Other candidates:

And just for the Pascia fanboys: