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The palace has been occupied by some Arlong wannabe, their crew mates have been captured and just to remind you: there is a psycho rapist on the loose. And what do Luffy and company do? Get Jinbe to tell them a bedtime story. Oh, One Piece, you never fail to make me shake my head.

Do you know the feeling when there was something in the manga that you shrugged away when you first read it but in the anime it gives you a major wtf moment?

I knew Otohime was ax crazy but her introduction scene in the anime was ridiculous! However, I actually really like anime Otohime. They picked a decent VA for her and she makes a... sportier... impression than she did in the manga. (Funny fact: Michiko Neya voiced princess Natalia in Tales of the Abyss and Queen Diana in MÄR)

Now there is that one scene that I could not make ANY sense out: Arlong bullying that girl. For a moment there I thought she's a human by the sound effect they played when she tried to get those papers back. But then they showed she's a mermaid and I was all "wtf? Why did they insert a step sound here?"

And then Fisher Tiger shows up. ... Fishmen's skin must be very sensitive to the sun. It's the only explanation why he looks like has a second degree sunburn. God, my eyes! WHY TOEI???

Jinbe and Arlong fighting with that light-hearted soundtrack in the background was really funny, though. I do hope for at least a little comedy in the next few episodes. The main content will be depressing enough.

Not much else to say. It was an okay episode with little content.