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Did you ever notice how Nami's past is the most "flashbacked" one of the entire crew? Or maybe it's just me but I feel like I saw Bell-mère die like some dozen times already.

But back to the beginning: We see Robin-chwan walking through the forest mumbling something about history. Can't recall what it was because I was more concerned about her cleavage and the fact that her left breast is nearly falling out in one of the shots.

Skipping the tactical retreat of the palace soldiers and my urge to sing "It's raining (fish)men, hallelujah!" we come straight to the only really interesting thing about this episode: The New Fishman Pirates conquering Fishman Island.

Two things:

  • For one thing I found Hyouzou pretty badass in the scene he appeared. I'd love to see that guy and Rock Lee from Naruto get drunk together. They'd level the place in an instant.
  • For another I cannot decide whether to laugh or fangirl over Zeo's voice. ...ah, let's do both! This is one of the cases in which the VA makes me like the character. Though, I really don't know what to make of his color scheme.

Aaand that's about it, innit? The rest of the episode is really just Caribou being a dumbass, massive "Nami for tragic heroine" flashbacking and needless tension (<boy, did I miss that phrase).

I guess the flashback of Arlong and company being kids was kinda cute. And Jinbe doing a striptease... no, wait! Scratch that! Nobody would want to see it anyway! Ahhh, cannot unsee!!!!

Where was I? Oh, yeah... The episode ends exactly like you would expect such an exposition-weighty episode to end: The needlessly foreshadowing introduction of Fisher Tiger and Otohime.

And GAH! I just saw the preview for next week. Fisher Tiger looks effing creepy! It's like he's suffering from a really, REALLY bad sunburn. And with that tight shirt he looks like the caricature of a body builder. WHY? Why did they have to make him look so silly? Why did you do this to us, Toei? D: