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Troll fanservice! Nami took off her bikini top to wring it out but you didn't see it. But don't worry, guys! It's like with floods or the fall of the twin towers and other disasters: There is always someone with a camera around. Check youtube and you will find her, I'm sure.

Franky's suuuper Free Willy impression made me laugh so hard. It seems to me that he isn't quite as flexible as before the TS but maybe it's just the animation.

Sanji perving on the mermaids, Luffy flashbacking about Jinbe...

Ohmygosh! Fukaboshi! IT'S KENTARO ITO!!! xD He sounds kinda smexy. CHESTER!!! <3 *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~h* (Kentaro Ito is the voice of Chester Barklight, my second favorite character in Tales of Phantasia. Those of you who watch Naruto know this guy, too. He voices Choji. - just where else did I hear him? I'm sure I did...)

Now that I finished my fangirling lets get back to more important things: BOOBS! Why? Why did they have to exaggerate this scene so much? Wasn't it bad enough in the manga? Ishilly's look right before the "detonation" was priceless.

And here comes the part I didn't understand even in the manga: If Fukaboshi and company just wanted to deliver a message to the Straw Hats WHY, oh God why did they point their tridents at them? This is like "Gang Axe - Hey, let me axe you a question." I mean, come ON! This goes beyond misunderstanding.

Luffy's little fight was rather nice. I'm looking forward to what the anime will make of the fighting sequences. btw Keimi looked very cute in today's animation. How DID she manage do hijack that carriage fish or whatever it is?

..."nice and bouncy" lol

PREVIEW: Yay! Shirley makes her appearance next week! Dang, she's pale! And check out that nail polish.