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It's past midnight, don't expect much...

Huh, I don't remember that narration sequence at the beginning. Is it new?

Sanji, Zoro and Luffy fight the Kraken, flashback a little, get sucked into the current and separated from the rest of the crew. The latter also get drawn into the current, ending up in a darkness full of giant deep sea fish. At the end they encounter Wadatsumi.

Noteworthy stuff:

  • I meant to mention that last week already: Sanji is the only guy who put on a jacket. xD SISSY!
  • Sanji remembering the okama... Now, if they really made faces like that I understand why he kept running. Do okama rape?
  • Zoro saving his boyfriend from the Kraken Just Kidding. Call it the aftereffect of browsing through zerochan
  • Megalo is such a polite shark. xD How cute.
  • Brook making another one of his lame puns. I'd laugh my ass of but I need it for later.
  • Why the he hell does Chopper not turn into his heavy point to pull the damn rope?
  • FURANKIII NIPPURAITO!!! No matter how often I see this it cracks me up. Nipple light is the BEST idea Franky had so far, apart from the BEEEEEEAM!
  • Brook talking to himself... This is so... laughably sad. Proves once again that he went bonkers from loneliness in those 50 years. (Don't remember the theme playing in the background. Is that a new one?)
  • Oh, yeah, forgot about Caribou.
  • Wadatsumi's voice... 8I
  • Vander Decken looks freaking creepy during his introduction.

Aaand that's it.

SIDE NOTE: I probably won't be around for a while. Need to get my university shit done. I apologize for the lack of ass.