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Jeez, there isn't even much to review about. O_o

Music playing, birds singing, Robin arrives at the Sunny, Franky pops up out of nowhere doing his SUUUPER pose even though he's not half as super as he used to be, music stops (I think Robin agrees with my opinion on Franky's new looks), most awkward silence... ... ... Robin smiles and says hi while the music starts playing again. WHAT the HELL was that about?

Chitchat, chitchat, chitchat. Oh, yeah, Brook became famous. So famous that Robin, the only one of his comrades who hasn't been cut off from the rest of the world for the past 2 years, never heard about it before. Yeah, right.

Scene cuts to said person's concert. Even if I had Robin's devil fruit powers I would never be able to grow enough hands and foreheads to express my feelings towards the lyrics of Bone to be Wild. And yet, it's just plain hilarious! Oh, Brook, you sure have no decency at all...

Meanwhile the news of Fake Robins abduction have reached Fake Luffy and he decides to do what every man would do in his situation: Ignore his comrade and find the people who ridiculed him earlier in order to kill them! A man of priorities, ladies and gentleman! For that alone he deserves to be arrested. And look, the Marines are already on their way.

Chopper gets sick of his Fake comrades and runs off. Luckily he bumps into the real Ussop and Nami. Anyone else find it sad that the first thing Ussop comments on is how Chopper is easier to ride now? Anyway, he is told that the guys earlier are fake. Really? Le Gasp! Who would have thought? They seemed so real to me. And to Luffy, too, as it seems since he mistakes the Fake Sanji and Zoro for the real ones. Oh, dear, what a captain!

Eh, the rest of the episode is boring. Can we get to the part when Zoro and Sanji go Supersayajin on each others ass?

Well, the episode ends with the introduction of some bad guys and more needless tension (my review wouldn't be complete without saying that phrase at least once!) aaand that's about all.