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Did I say I'm busy? I lied... screw work!

Well, well, well, what have we here? After watching this ep some dozen times I decided I should write a little something about it.

SUUUPER awesome new intro! My favorite part is the one with Roger, Shanks and Luffy. Makes you wonder how on earth the hat survived all these years. I swear, you could build a house from that straw and it'd withstand at least three hurricanes and a tsunami.

Now the episode starts on a snowy day two years after the end of the last episode. Despite that most characters appearing in this scene are half naked... Hah, well, I suppose Boa Hancock is too hot to get cold but I'm not so sure about the rest of them, especially Nyon.

Anyway, it appears while he was training and befriending his lunch in the past two years, Luffy sent the Kuja off to find Brook's dress maker and get him a shirt. It does look surprisingly good on him and in combination with that sash he looks somewhat like Shanks. (Let's hope he didn't become a hardcore drinker, too.)

It also seems that despite what Ray-san said about women on the island the Kuja visited Luffy once in a while after all since the latter appears to be used to Hancock's fangirling. (I'm still waiting for the day when he tells her to go and make him a sandwich.)

Back at Sabaody Rayleigh has a little chitchat with Shakky which is interrupted by yet another ominous main character's obligatory epic entry but of course, being badass and shit, they won't show his face just yet. Don't you just love needless tension?

Let's skip the next part and come right to my personal favorite character! And everyone else's too, judged by all the merchandise.

Well, three words: Oh, God, why? D: Brook became a Rockstar... in floral pants! He probably wears the sunglasses to shield his non-existing eyes from the sight of his gaudy outfit. U no like Brook's new style? Tell it to the feather boa!

Brook made the guys who kidnapped him two years ago his managers. (And look! One of them is a cousin of Sweet Pea's!) So now the guys who called him a freak just the other episode are sucking up to him. And he's a-okay with that. Talk about overtrustful... Apparently he tells them something very important which they have to inform the president of! The dead terrorist is alive! ... I mean dead. I mean... oh, screw it...