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Greetings mortals! This is Neo making a blog out of thin air just because I can. I won't promise it's better than anything you read on other blogs on this wiki nowadays (because I'm just as out of ideas as everyone else) but maybe it's something you haven't thought of yet.

Oda is a sexist! Well, duh, I suppose you knew that already. But apart from his depiction of women did you ever notice how most females got DF powers that are associated with femininity or archaic images of women?

  • Woshu woshu no Mi (Tsuru) - Doing the washing is one of the chores traditionally done by women. (Probably because leaving the washing to a man can only end in a disaster...)
  • Sube sube no Mi (Alvida), Kilo kilo no Mi (Miss Valentine), Bonney's unnamed DF - Women care a lot about their skin/weight/age.
  • Mero mero no Mi (Hancock), Hebi hebi no Mi (Sandoria/Marigold) - Gorgon theme. Nuff said. It's actually quite fascinating how close Oda stuck to the original: There were three Gorgons, two immortal and one mortal. The two immortal gorgons were ugly from the start. Medusa, who was mortal, was said to be very beautiful before she got turned into the same kind of monster as her sisters by a jealous goddess. Later she got her head chopped off by Perseus. (if memory serves there is a japanese/east asian saying about beating someone's head off their shoulders, meaning crushing someone's overconfidence - which could be applied to Hancock and Luffy)
Soap Sheep

Not very graceful, though...

  • Ori ori no Mi (Hina), Awa awa no Mi (Kalifa) - That's just sexual harassment...
  • Hana Hana no Mi (Robin) - The name and the whole makeup have definitely a feminine touch.

The only DFs consumed by girls excluded from this are Toge toge no Mi (Paula), Mogu mogu no Mi (Miss Merry Christmas) and Horo horo no Mi (Perona). Though, one could argue that the spike fruit belongs into the same category as Hina's and Kalifa's DF (if you are into that kind of thing...).

Captain Obvious out. Now you can make your sexist jokes.

PS: It's super unfair there are no female Logia users. :/