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Spoiler Warning of Doom! This blog is based on a (very rough) translation of chapter 650 and contains information that may be not 100% accurate. Don't say, I didn't warn you.

Cover: Long Ring Island (Oh? Do we get to see Foxy next?)

Jesus D. Christ, I do sense trouble. BIG trouble. As it turns out I was right concerning the number of ancient weapons: there are 3. Their names are: Pluton, Poseidon and... wait for it... Uranus! (<for those without general education, Uranus/Uranos is the very first god, the god of the sky)

Now what's so bad about knowing that? Caribou heard it, too. Ouch... no... just no! Not that idiot of all people... *facedesk*

Could this get any worse? Depends on how you look at it.

Apparently, there have been some internal differences of opinion among the Marines during the past 2 years. And there was a major fight between Akainu and Aokiji! The former won after 10 freaking days and the latter left the Marines. Le gasp! Akainu is new fleet admiral? Holy cow, this can't be good.

Black Beard became a Yonko. Yeah, well, you could have guessed that much. He used to be a member of WB's crew (but then he took an arrow in the knee). The ability hunt makes me worry.

Caribou tries to rape Weakhoshi but is stopped by Luffy.

Hody and the NFP turned into old men. xD I loled. I knew their misery wasn't over yet. Why would Oda show us how they got imprisoned?

And... because of the Straw Hats' little party Fishman Island cannot afford to pay Big Mam candy. And it's mentioned that she might even attack FI over it. Wow...

BEHOLD Neo-sama's random prediction: The fishmen will be truthful and tell BM that they can't pay because of the Straw Hats. Upon learning that the Straw Hats are on Fishman Island Big Mam will annihilate it. Why? Because Lola and crew got eaten by that thing in the Florian Triangle and Big Mam thinks Luffy and the others killed her daughter.