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Cover: lol Gan Fall. xD

Jinbe refused Luffy's offer, the New Fishman Pirates get imprisoned, Robin questions Neptune about Joy Boy and the rest of the island parties. End of the chapter. Haha. Also: Poseidon is Shirahoshi. wtf? O_o

Oda: U mad? *insert trollface*


I laughed. Hard. This is the best/worst trolling of all times coming from one of the greatest geniuses of all times. Epic trolling ftw! xD I half expect Luffy to come to Jinbe the next morning "How about now?"

It's too early. We are only at the beginning of the New World. It would be too early for a new member to join IF it is true that only 1 or 2 more people join the SH. And Jinbe is EXTREMELY powerful. He'd disturb the balance of the crew even though he would make a nice addition indeed. Maybe, since Jinbe told Luffy to ask him another time, Jinbe will eventually join but not until the second half of the New World. (I have some hopes for the Reverie in that regard.)

... There is something I'm wondering about. Is it just my impression or does Oda show the fate of the villains in a more elaborate way than usual? They are defeated. They did what they were created for (namely get their sorry asses kicked by Luffy and Co). Normally we would just get a shot of the defeated villains and one of the marines/militia showing up to arrest them. The rest is cover story material. My "it's not over yet" senses are tingling.

(so you actually do see the comments after editing... hah/nother test edit)