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OMG! Conis and Laki! <3 They look so lovely!!! °A°

Straw Hats won. Brook asks Nami to wear a miniskirt. Noah is still falling (damn that thing is huge). Everyone cheers for Luffy. Shirahoshi stopps Luffy from destroying Noah. Sea Kings catch Noah. Luffy collapses. So much about the important parts of this chapter.

Well, my opinion didn't really change after reading the chapter itself. Except maybe that I'm surprised to see the Sea Kings from 500whatnot chapters ago. Dang!

Sea Kings! Seriously Oda? I did NOT expect it and for some reason it upsets me. It's not exactly lame but... argh! It just leaves me with this WTF kind of feeling. ... though, maybe it was to be expected. I mean, they DID mention Shirahoshi has the power to summon them. So obviously she would use it. But still...

Then, Joyboy... Noah, arc, promise... I just don't get it...

On a side note: Robin is kinda right... What use did that robot have?