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Checking my old blogs two things became clear:

  1. People think that Buggy will be a Shichibukai
  2. but they don't think he will be the final boss
Convicts Learn Buggy's Past

All Hail Captain Buggy!

At least nobody ever nominated him for being the latter. But maybe - because he is the black horse in this race - he might have a chance to be. Whatever the case, it is clear that the Buggy Pirates will face the Straw Hat crew sooner or later.

Now we have been talking about the Straw Hats, Admirals and Yonko all the time but let's have a look at Team Buggy and what he can work with:

Apart from Buggy's "old" crew and the guys who joined him after Impel Down we have 5 noteworthy members

He is stronger than what we saw of him so far. He was part of the Pirate King's crew after all. He knows the New World and he had 2 years to get even stronger. He's not exactly stupid - in fact he's fairly smart - but he's simple minded, naive and full of himself.

I'm looking forward to see whether and how she improved in the past 2 years and whether Oda came up with anything good to add to her DF ability. She's smarter than Buggy and can probably get things done better than him but she seems solitary and as if she doesn't give a shit about what Buggy's crew does.

Probably the smartest of them all, but a bit of a coward. I can't tell whether the goddess of fortune loves him or hates his guts but his DF power has a lot of potential. We have yet to see how well he plays his role as a part of Buggy's crew, if at all.

I wonder about those guys. They are simpletons. They do love their captain but I find it hard to imagine those guys doing some serious training. But maybe I'm underestimating them. Maybe all the new, dangerous guys (and their captain's new position?) in the crew encouraged them to get stronger.

So what will the encounter between the SHs and Buggy's crew look like? An open confrontation? A trap? What will be their new abilities?