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The blog inflation on this wiki disturbs me. Therefore, I asked Captain Obvious to give me an idea for a blog and this is what we came up with (not that anyone would bother to read it anyway):

I think Law cannot kill people with his DF ability. Not directly. Since the point of an operating room is to keep what's inside it alive, it only makes sense that everything that is operated on keeps living. Which explains why separated body parts are still viable even when rearranged and attached to a different body.

What does that tell us? Well, obviously it means that the pirates who's hearts Law sent to the WG are still alive - maybe even blackmailed to work for the WG. (hence the PotC reference.) It could be such an AWESOME plot point for everything that follows, fighting people who don't want to fight but have no choice. Oh, please, Oda! Please make it a plot point!

The other matter I had in my mind is best described by Dr. Bones here: The difference between the physical heart, the mental heart, the soul and the brain.

Physical heart and brain are "hardware", so it wouldn't matter if Law took them from a body, the body would work just fine. (imagine an external drive)

What I have a problem with is the difference between the mental heart and the soul. Or the question To what extend does Law's DF work on Brook? (Yes, yes, every new DF has to pass the Brook test. So it's brook-proved!)

It's pretty obvious that those heart shaped-thingies represent people's selves. In western culture that would mean people's souls but I'm not sure whether it's the same kind of soul as in Brook's case.

The self-switch-ability would probably work on Brook as well as on the next guy but whoever gets switched with Brook would probably retain the Yomi-Yomi ability of detaching the soul from the body, which confuses the hell out of me. It would mean the soul itself is a body and the mental heart contains the personality... and ARGH!

Food for thought. Ahahaha. Get it? Brain Pie? ... yeah, I know I'm not funny.

And that concludes another one of my serious blogs nobody will read or comment on. Neo out.