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Bone to be Alive?

Neowitch November 1, 2011 User blog:Neowitch

Reading up some stuff on Television Tropes & Idioms I stumbled over something that made me wonder for a moment.

According to this site Brook falls under two related tropes: Blessed with Suck due to the fact that his devil fruit brings back its eater only once, leaving him with no benefits other than Super Drowning Skills; and Cursed with Awesome due to all the benefits he gained after the TS. Now I've been wondering: Most of these benefits Brook gained from his Devil Fruit are mainly due to the fact that he's a skeleton, aren't they? So what would have happened if he had revived shortly after he died?

I believe he probably never would have survived a single year in the Florian Triangle since he would have run out of food and water. After all, as a skeleton he doesn't depend on food to stay "alive".

Would he have aged? Would he even have revived as a living being or rather as some kind of zombie? What do you guys think?

And, even though it's totally unrelated I'd like to share this because I find it hilarious (no, I did not draw this):

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