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Due to the lag of blog material - Remember folks, no Jump this week! - I decided to make another top list blog. ... yay~

We all know that Oda can come up with some really fucked up ideas, occasionally. Funnily enough, due to the nature of the OP universe they do not come across as that fucked up at all. And in fact OP is kinda harmless in comparison to other manga.

But there were several scenes that made me cringe. So here are my top disturbing OP moments:

  • 5) Luffy VS Magellan
    Luffy Defeated by Magellan

    The look on Luffy's face was even worse in the manga...

TV Tropes is right, the look of pain and agony frozen on Luffy's face after he is defeated by Magellan is really creepy. Luckily for Luffy, he is made of rubber, otherwise I'm pretty sure Magellan would have melted his skin off but it's still pretty painful to watch.

  • 4) Drum Mountains Ascend

Namely the part when Luffy climbs up the vertical wall, carrying Sanji and Nami. It's effing cold, he climbs the freaking mountain with bare hands and feet... and then he slips, sliding down the wall on his finger tips. Ouch, ouch, ouch! *shakes* That was TERRIBLE in the anime! I just can't watch it.

  • 3) Akainu VS Whitebeard

To say that Akainu "MELTED Whitebeard's fucking FACE OFF" would be an understatement. In the end Newgate is missing like 35% of his SKULL! *yikes!*

  • 2) Human Auction House

Surprise, surprise! I bet many of you don't even remember that one because it was a rather minor incident compared to the previous ones.

Remember this guy? He didn't want to be a slave so he attempted to commit suicide by biting his own tongue off! I know he survived that and was quite alive and kicking actually, making it slightly less horrible, but URGH! No, it just hurts thinking about it.

And the winner is...

  • Shi no Kuni
    Shinokuni Victim

    Okay, that's just disturbing

To me THIS is the most disturbing scene so far. Simply because it gets crueler the longer you think about it. Just LOOK at those guys! It's like Mr.3's little wax cake combined with the painfulness of the Luffy/Magellan fight above but this time you know that the characters might actually be DEAD, suffocated by the ashes that filled their lungs, the expressions of terror forever preserved on their unrecognizable faces.

I could go on forever explaining why I find this scene so horrible but I'll let you guys share your opinion instead. What things/moments in OP did you find disturbing?