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As the blog title suggests, this is a betting office blog for DSP's and Staw's character tournament. Essentially, we try to guess who'll win so we can write "Totally called it!" in their final blog. Hurray!

Ignoring the One-Vote-Winners, the results so far are:

Round 1

  • Galdino - 8 votes
  • Magellan - 7 votes
  • Wiper - 5 Votes
  • Oars Jr - 3 votes

Round 2

  • Drake - 12 votes
  • Bonney - 11 votes
  • Ohm - 7 votes
  • Caesar - 6 votes
  • Makino - 3 votes

Round 3

  • Rayleigh - 11 votes
  • Akainu - 5 votes
  • Yasopp - 4 votes
  • Pell - 2 votes

Oh my gosh, this is almost as exciting as the ESC (Screw you, Denmark! I wanted Italy to win!).

Opinions on the results & my own bets

I'm happy with the results of Round 1. Galdino all the way, although I'm pretty sure if the people who voted for Wiper and Oars Jr had to choose between Galdino and Magellan they'd pick the latter.

No surprises in Round 2 either, although I'm kind of... disappointed about how many votes Bonney got. Sure, she's kinda cool, but she didn't do all that much so far and I feel like she only gets votes because she has tits. I'm actually surprised Ohm got more votes than Ceasar. (Is it just me or did they animate Caesar better than anything else in the PH arc?)

Rayleigh pwns everyone in Round 3. Even Akainu. That's how Neo likes it. (Y)

Currently, I'd say that in the end it comes down to a battle between Shanks, Zoro, Law, Robin and maybe Kuzan or Garp.