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My familiars left me... my powers are slowly drained... +coughs blood+ BUT I SHALL BE VICTORIOUS IN THE END! +coughs even more blood+ YOU HEAR ME???

+dizzy from severe blood loss+ (the room slowly fills with darkness) +takes a candle out of her cleavage and lights it+ I hereby start a dark game and I dare you to participate in it... +_+

Basically, it works like this:

  • you sign up by saying "IN"
  • you have time till tomorrow to do so
  • once I have a list of participants I'll make a lottery of who will choose an avatar for whom
  • you have to pick an avatar for someone
  • it has to be a One Piece avatar (keep it PG please)
  • you will have to wear the avatar chosen for you for one day PRECISELY

Any questions?

List of victims participants:

  • you - the person you pick an avatar for (Ideally an already cropped one)
  • LuffyPirateKing - NewWorldWarrior
  • BinksSakeYohoho - Nice tats
  • X-RAPTOR - Dmurray1031
  • Monkey.D.Me - BinksSakeYohoho

  • Nice tats - Pandawarrior (check)
  • Tuckyd - X-RAPTOR (check)
  • Pacifista15 - Swimswimfruit (check)
  • Zoro-san - LuffyPirateKing (check)
  • White Hunter Smoker - Marcus Junior (check)
  • Yountoryuu - Sara.mujallid (check)
  • WillofOP - Tuckyd (check)
  • NewWorldWarrior - Zoro-san (check)
  • Granit Hysaj - Sniper'san (check)
  • Dmurray1031 - Monkey.D.Me (check)
  • Sara.mujallid - Granit Hysaj (check)
  • Marcus Junior - Neowitch (check)
  • Pandawarrior - White Hunter Smoker (check)
  • Swimswimfruit - Pacifista15 (check)
  • Sniper'san - Yountoryuu (check)
  • Neowitch - WillofOP (check)

You can post the avatars here/write on the persons talk page/send the avatar via chat/whatever.