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Blog rage! *rawr* (Not that anyone would read this shit anyway... >_>)

Today we are going to take a closer look at two villains: The main baddie of the recent arc, Caesar Clown, and everyone's favorite intellectual wimp, Galdino aka. Mr.3.

More specifically, I'd like to compare San-bro's Giant Candle Service Set to CC's Shi no Kuni as those two techniques basically come down to the same thing. Brace yourselves, Captain Obvious is coming!

Do we really have no better picture of this thing?
Shinokuni Victim
Rough, but still kinda artistic.

So the victim gets covered by a material that turns them into living statues, suffocating them in the process. Neat! And horrible, the longer you think about it.

But I find it interesting how differently those events were presented to us despite being pretty much the same idea.

Little Garden was... one of the lamer arcs there are. I never felt any threat coming from ANYTHING in this arc. The setting was boring, the giants were stupid and the villains were weaklings.

The "highlight" of the arc was certainly the process of turning Zoro, Nami and Vivi into candles while their friends struggled with the villains to save them. And it felt like it took forever!

In fact, I find this technique much crueler than Shi no Kuni simply because it takes that much longer, giving the victim more time to reflect on their fate and fall into despair. Not to forget that they suffocate VERY slowly. It's definitely a gruesome way of getting killed.

But, maybe because the arc sucked so much or simply because Zoro's pose made it a little goofy, one cannot take this event quite as serious as Shi no Kuni. Plus, it requires Mr.3 to capture the victims before doing this.

I guess, I don't need to mention how far superior Punk Hazard is compared to Little Garden, so let's get to the important part:

Shi no Kuni was designed as a weapon of mass destruction and it does exactly that comparably quickly. It's not as ridiculous as San-chan's little birthday cake and it cannot be controlled once it's released, making it that much more dangerous. Furthermore, due to how quick it happens, I estimate the chances of surviving Shi no Kuni smaller than surviving the candle cake thing.

Galdino and Caesar are pretty similar, actually. They are both very intelligent and they are both goofy in their own way. But while Galdino is a wimp and coward and CC is a bit of an idiot in everything that does not involve his experiments, the latter is far more dangerous not just because he is a Logia user but because his personality has much more drive.

So much about my blog. What do you make of the way CC and San-chan handle their respective job? Which one is the better villain? (random dude: "What a no-brainer..." Neo: "Shut up, I'm trying to get people to comment, dammit!")