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I'm well aware there already are blogs on this but I hate to revive old blogs so let's do this again.

I admit my knowledge is limited since I missed some chapters but let me just share my random thoughts with you...

So what can we work with? We have Pluton, which is a giant war ship. We have Poseidon, which according to the latest chapter translation is Shirahoshi (lolwut?) or rather "the legendary mermaid princess that has the power to summon the sea kings".

A ship and a living being? That makes no sense whatsoever. Where is the connection?

Pluton is the god of the underworld in roman/greek mythology. The god of death. The guy who abducted Persephone and hence created the change of seasons.

Poseidon is the god of the sea. The one who sent a sea monster to destroy a city after his daughters came whining to him because some bitch had insulted them. Wait. That sounds kinda familiar... Sea Kings anyone?

3 is a good number, don't you agree? And what do Pluton and Poseidon have in common? They are the brothers of Zeus, the father of the gods.

Zeus is the dude who banged everything that moved, even his own sister, and threw lightning bolts. (OMG IT'S ENEL!!! xD Just kidding...)

Ah... my head... someone else do the thinking from here...

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