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Now that the heated discussions on chapter 704 have cooled down, it is time for a character appreciation blog. Because I can.

And the character of interest today iiiis... CAVENDISH!
No, not that kind of cavendish! I mean this fabulous s-o-a-b:

Cavendish Manga Infobox
Dang, he's fabulous!

So Boa Hancock finally got over Luffy, hooked up with Duval instead and this is the result of their unholy union! Cavendish certainly has some of their qualities, mainly those I like about them, so it doesn't come as a surprise that I really like this guy. (And I'm really, REALLY hoping and praying that Masaya Onosaka (Spandam) will be his VA. I'd be so freaking awesome.)

He's good-looking but in a gayer-than-Doflamingo's-pink-feather-coat kind of way. And that's not bad at all. I ADORE his boots! And that luxurious hair! Whenever I see this guy I feel like writing FABULOUS in a rainbow-colored font.

He's.. well, I wouldn't say camp but the rose is pretty ham-y. Then again, he freaking EATS IT:

... oh, silly, sexy Cavendish! Is this a new kind of diet?

As a character he doesn't seem to be a bad guy. Sure, he has a grudge on the Supernovas for stealing his spotlight and says he wants to kill Luffy but looking at how sociable and sane he is - if you overlook his narcissistic quirks - I cannot imagine him turning into a villain. A rival-wannabe perhaps, but not a villain. Plus, his bounty is just too low to pose a serious threat anyway.

I'm looking forward to see whether or not he's capable of more than just sitting around and looking pretty. Given the attention he got on this chapter I'm really hoping that he gets a bigger role in the future. He seems like a fun character.

Is Cavendish able to last longer than 5 seconds in battle?

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