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OMG There is a chapter this week?!? Did Christmas come earlier this year? Oh, wait, Christmas is already over...

Oh, man, what a way to send us off into a happy f*cking new year! Neither did I expect a chapter this week nor did I anticipate something this awesome. And, frankly, I loved it!

Things start off with Diamante being a total d*ck, taunting Kyros and attacking Rebecca. And I think I can finally accept this woman being completely useless, BECAUSE HER DAD ROCKS SO HARD! Kyros proclaiming that now he's human again he would never let his daughter swing a sword ever again was really touching and super cool. Debatable, but cool.

Why, debatable? Because he does say that he wants Rebecca to rely on him instead of raising her into an independent, strong woman. But considering where he's coming from, namely having killed someone and being called a monster for most of his life for it, plus having failed to protect her mother before, his words are completely understandable. (Beccs never wanted to fight in the first place, anyway.)

Meanwhile, the old walrus man dies (not) and BB5 is being precious.

And then there are Cavendish and Bartolomeo VS Gladius! I... have no words for this fight. I swear, Cabbage and Birdyhead are going on tour as a comedy duo one day. They are absolutely hilarious, make a good team actually and put Sanji's and Zoro's arguments to shame along the way. Beautiful!

Bartolomeo's reaction upon receiving a wink from Robin was priceless. I'd go as far as to say that this gave him an even bigger powerup than Sanji got from grabbing Nami's boobs when trying to run from the slime on Punk Hazard.

Overall, I really hope this battle will get a little more spotlight in the anime. Regardless, I love it to bits.

And of course we cannot have a Dressrosa chapter these days without a small fry battle! And even that one was awesome! Poor Ideo delivering an epic line before getting finished off by a SUPER CREEPY DELLINGER! Who in turn gets cut by Hakuba! DAMN, that escalated quickly!

Aww, man, that was radical! I give this chapter a 9/10 for pure hilarity and some really epic moments. (Not a 10 because Brook wasn't in it.)

Looking forward for the next chapter. I. Can. Not. Wait! <3