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Here comes a quick one because I'm too damn busy and too f*cking mad about this chapter to bother with a review for too long.

Bartolomeo's seemingly overpowered defense ability finally shows its limits as well as alternative usage due to its user's creativity. Good job, Bart. And good job, Oda-sensei!

Cavendish kinda acts like that knight guy from The Gummibears: "You can insult me all you want but don't insult my horse!"

Robin gets her obligatory "In our Captain we trust" moment. I swear, everyone gets those these days. But it's nice coming from her. I'm not sure I like her Zoro face, though. It's so out of character. I'm also disappointed about the lack of fighting...


Aaaand we end this chapter with the disappointment of the month: Rebecca, princess of everything that is wrong with female characters in male-made and male-oriented media! I considered to give her a chance, because she's actually kinda cute, but GOD! Oda ruined her. Okay, I understand she's scared and sick of fighting and whatnot BUT THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING TIME to be a damsel in distress!!! Especially not if you have been a badass Gladiator chick for YEARS and you are facing the guy who killed your mom!

I wouldn't have minded if she had fought Diamante and lost. Losing isn't shameful. Not trying and crying for your daddy is shameful! Heck, Vivi tried to kill Crocodile all by herself, okay?! And I'm pretty sure she wasn't (physically) as strong as Rebecca.

And oh, look, Law has graduated from a useless piece of baggage to show-stealing, fangirl hording show-off again. About time!

I give this chapter a 6/10. Robin and Bartolomeo saved it.