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Quick and dirty review because I feel like it but have no f*cking time! Also, not much happened.

Cover: Wait a sec, did Caribou not only become some sort of revolutionary but also beat Kaidou's first officer and destroy a factory under his control in the past few chapters? When did this guy take a lesson in badassery?!


So, everyone hates on Rebecca because she's the granddaughter of the previous king of Dressrosa. Then Cavendish makes his entrance as a white knight on a F*CKING HORSE! and speaks up for her. Which is really cool of him actually, if it wasn't for the fact that he slips into his usual narcissism shortly afterwards. What an attention junkie! I love this guy. (He's the Akutare of One Piece!)

Cavendish and Bartolomeo (that freaking Luffy fanboy! it's hilarious) are becoming two of my favorite characters in this arc.

Skipping the people gathering and people meeting scenes, as nothing really happens there, we go back to the Sunny where Jora trapped Nami, Chopper and Momo in a painting with the goal of them becoming one with it, dying in the process. DANG, gurl, someone should introduce you to Galdino!

Wait, she hooked up with Brook instead?! Turns out Brook pretended to betray the others and made friends with Jora in order to get her to turn his cane back to normal and back-stab her.

I find this scene rather mind blowing. Brook must be one of the most honest characters in this show. Yet, he's sly enough to deploy this kind of plan! I would have expected this kind of thing from Nami but not Brook of all people!

Now, coming to the obvious highlight of this chapter: Nah, it's not the fact that Douchquichote is actually a Tenryubito. Hell, everyone suspected that already! But the really interesting part of his story, for me at least, was that the Nefertaris COULD have been World Nobles. THAT is kinda awesome. And I believe it will get more significance in the future as we dwell deeper in the secrets of the Lost History.

On a side note, it slowly becomes clear that the theme of this arc is something along the lines of "Sins of our Fathers".

So much from me. Goodness, I suck so bad at writing these ever since I stopped doing so regularly. Sorry guys! I failed you... I'll be off SNK-fantarding on tumblr.