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SFW my ass!

Alrighti-right! This week we start off with Nico Robin being violated by Smurfs. Wait, what? How in the name of Ivankov's favorite thong did THAT happen?! What is this bondage madness?

Well, apparently the gnome folk used their sleeping powder flowers of doom to knock Robin and Usopp out somewhen between last and this chapter. Frankly, I don't think I like that flashback kind of story telling. It's cheap. But anyways...

They dragged the pair down to their gnome cavern. Robin was sewn to the ground with some gnome's DF ability and now those gnomes strip-search her. ...not sure which of those two things freaks me out the most... But upon assuring the gnomes that she meant them no harm they instantly agree to let her go (much to Robin's shock which is rather funny) but only under the condition that she gives them weapons. Otherwise they'll strip her off her clothes.

Now, since Robin doesn't have any weapons the overly aggressive gnomes try to violate her again. Fortunately, she is saved by one of Usopp's cock-and-bull stories, whatever it was he had told the gnomes. ...Seriously? I don't think I like those guys.

And oh, look! Zoro also has one! And this specim- speciwomen is adorbs as fudge! Turns out she was the "fairy" that stole Zoro's sword. And for no reason as it seems since she was actually on her way to tell her captain/commander that Doffy and family are on their way to attack the Sunny. Of course Zoro wants to rush off and save the day buuut since his sense of direction is so bad he has to depend on Wicca.

Is it just me or is Zoro's inability to follow directions getting old?

A brief cut to Franky and the toy soldier who apparently has a thing with Rebecca. Wait, what? I heard that there are certain toys for girls but... aham, nevermind. I didn't like Rebecca before and this scene didn't serve in changing that. It's just so weird and too sudden.

And now an even briefer and more sudden cut to Law who is called by Sanji via Den Den Mushi and informed that Doflamingo never stopped being a Shichibukai and they are all screwed. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS CHAPTER? And how the hell does Sanji of all people know that? Isn't he busy drooling over that Violet chick?

Anyways, I give this chapter an 8/10 because I'm not sure what to make of the story telling in this one. It's kinda forced imo. But overall it was decent.

Neo out!