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The chapter starts with Luffy and Bellamy bromancing like there's no tomorrow. Yeah, I understand they made up and got over whatever problems they had in the past but, in my opinion this is going way too fast! And don't forget, Bellamy is trying to get a job under Doflamingo. Ergo, he and Luffy are on opposite sides, for crying out loud!

On a side note, upon learning that Straw Hat Luffy is in da house, Barti made a face as if he was seriously screwed. What's up with that?

Moving on to Team Law trying to cross a bridge. But it turns out those ridiculous fish we were introduced to some chapters ago are trying to kill them. And on top of that Law refuses to fight to not dirty his shirt. Oh, wait, he isn't wearing any. Apparently, his god mode DF is not as overpowered as we thought as it drains a lot of energy from Law. So he leaves the fighting to a coward, a girl and a homicidal wimp. Like a boss!

I really liked seeing Caesar do something useful for a change, though. (Don't worry, the title is just a joke!)

After being saved by some invisible, overpowered somebodies ex machina and abusing Caesar as a air vehicle, our heroes arrive at Green Bit which - surprise, surprise! - is a jungle island! Wow, who would have thought?

Aaaand then some random marines get violated by illusive dwarves. End of the chapter. ...That was awkward... Dafuq just happened?!

I give this chapter a 7/10 but only because Robin got more panel time.