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Hey, folks!

This is Neo with a review on chapter 708. I'm a little late because my boss made me work yesterday. And, man, do I hate counting postcards...

Anyway, I'm still grinning like an idiot over this new chapter. Not much happened, actually, but I found it absolutely awesome and hilarious.

So, as we read in the last chapter, the walrus guy confronts Luffy about being Garp's grandson. Apparently, he had a few problems with Garp in the past and wants Luffy to answer for it. This, of course, blows Luffy's cover in front of Cavendish, who wants to see him in pieces as well.

I find it hilarious how Luffy is completely overburdened with making clear that he has nothing to do with his gamps' business on the one hand and denying to be Straw Hat Luffy on the other. And what was that from the old man about crushing Dragon's balls while he had the chance to?

My personal highlight of this chapter was without a doubt Chinjao and Cavendish exchanging blows (if you can call it that). I mean, dang!, that old fart fought Garp and his former bounty sounds not too shabby. And Cavendish still managed to get a tie out of it. (Eat it, Cavendish haters! Eat it hard!)

Luffy and Cavendish vs. Chinjao

Check it out, even his beard is angry!

Luffy attacks walrus guy with Luffy Smash. But the latter suddenly gains enough EXP to reach level 44 and evolves to Walrein! Fortunately, he gets stopped by his grandchildren and wild Luffy flees because he promised Franky not to blow his cover. Jeez, Luffy, it's kinda late for that...

Outside in the arena Caribou's cousins are causing quite the ruckus but are quickly stopped by Bellamy. Yeah, you're awesome now and got the license to kill random extras. We get it!

Moving along to Bartolomeo and his... ahm... yeah, he dropped his pants and just takes a piss while everyone is watching. ...I don't even know what to make of this scene! It's so absurdly hilarious! Even more so if you read the different translations. ...I kinda feel sorry for the fish in the moat, though.

And talking about fish, Hack tries to attack Bartolomeo! It's funny how the commentator proclaims him a hero for attacking a man who's doing his business in the back... But it seems like instead of Bartolomeo, Hack hits an invisible barrier. Not sure whether it's because of the force of his own punch or the barrier's effect but Hack's hand takes a lot of damage from that one. Judged by the distance to Bartolomeo's body, I'd say that barrier is a DF ability rather than haki.

Now I seriously hope that we finally see Bartolomeo do something in the next chapter.

Neo out!