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I'm utterly underwhelmed by this chapter, despite all the fighting and a fair amount of stuff going on.

  • There is a lengthy and pointless explanation on that random King fellow nobody cares about.
  • Bellamy fights a guy who ironically has the same attitude as he used to have 2 years ago.
  • There are creepy-ass bull fish in the water outside the ring.
  • Caribou's cousins mess shit up.
  • Jinbe and Rayleigh had a baby.
  • There is actually a participant who looks even gayer than Cavendish.
  • Obvious Kyros is obvious.
  • Bartolomeo is just chilling and not giving any more f*cks than necessary. Apparently, the only reason he is called a Cannibal is because he's a douchebag (it's a pun of sorts as eating people means to mock them in Japanese or something along those lines).
  • Cavendish is a professional darts player who starts to sparkle when in shock.
  • Luffy meets one of his granpa's buddies.

And that's it. It's not even funny enough to comment more on it than this. Jeez! And I kinda feel like Cavi won't make it to the fights because he will attempt to fight Luffy who will knock him out.