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This chapter didn't have much plot so I'll just comment on the characters in order of appearance:

First, the long hyped "Crazy Rookie", Bartolomeo, who was able to beat a vice admiral finally makes his appearance! And he's... *needlessly high tension* .... a troll. With a mohawk. (Pardon, "fauxhawk".) ...right.

What else? Oh, yeah: He has a bounty of 150 Beli, ranking him between pre-timeskip Killer and Bonney. Gosh, the Marines must take anyone these days if their vice admirals get their asses handed to them by some random fauxhawk freaks.

Not sure what to make of this guy. Two years ago he would have been Supernova material. But considering even Apoo used to have a higher bounty than Bartolomeo, he's pretty lame.

Hell, even f*cking Bellamy is more badass. I commend him on having grown up in the past two years. I think he was just screwing with Luffy, when the latter asked him whether he did anything to the Sky Islanders and Bellamy replied "Who knows?". Either way, saying that he wouldn't laugh at Luffy anymore was actually pretty cool of him.

I'm kinda hoping for Bellamy VS Bartolomeo. Just because.

AND Cavendish VS Rebecca of course. Hell the f*ck yeah! So those two ended up being in the same block, which will prove rather interesting. I know Becci is everyone's favorite so... go, get her, Cavendish! <3 Juuust kidding. (Or am I?) I have no idea how this is going to end. But I'm looking forward to the catfight.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it for this chapter. Not much happened except for the the roll call. Let's hope next week will be some action.

Okay, seriously, Cavendish or Rebecca?

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