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Cover: What the... another color spread? Sanji bromancing with Bepo? Kuzan impersonating young Brook? Kid getting a gayer uni-tone color than Doucheflamingo? The end is upon us! (In 3 days anyway...)

On to the crappy review! Man, you can totally tell how random I found this chapter by the lack of quality and jokes in this review...

First off, Franky decides to blast Crybaby 5 and that other guy out of the sky, all questions asked later. (There are people who tried to look up Baby5's skirt when she fell off Buffalo and there are dirty liars!) What ensues can be considered one of the more awkward fights of this arc, and that's saying a lot... Seriously, that's the most ridiculous transformations I've ever seen in this manga!

You have to give kudos to Oda, though, for making yet another girl look utterly ridiculous/unattractive in the same arc. Punk Hazard hereby takes the spot as "The arc in which females are treated the worst". Which isn't a bad thing, actually.

Back to the action: after his Michael-Bay alarm woke him up, Caesar takes out Smoker's heart cube, remembering when Law gave it to him earlier this arc and decides that if he goes down he might as well take Smoker with him. Right... anyone else wants to bet it's actually Monet's?

Inside the escape corridor of building R, Luffy and company are posing for the camera while Law is bitching around again and Chopper, Brook and the Marines are trying to carry Mocha to safety. (As if we hadn't seen that before...) Finally, everyone is save and Momonosuke learns that his old man died a horrible, agonizing death. Ah, I hate happy endings. So cliche...

But wait! *gasp* What's this? Looks like Monet somehow escaped the Shinokuni, crawled all the way to a self-destruct plot-device and is about to blow shit up. But not before calling the guy who writes her paychecks.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a totally random and nonsensical plot twist? Not even the drama factor of this scene can convince me otherwise. That was an ass-pull on BB-taking-WB's-DF-power level. >_>